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A short animation about polar life and love.

Inspired by the paper cut style of early animator Lotte Reiniger, Polar Ardor incorporates the additive techniques of woodblock stamping and Chine-collé printmaking to recreate a delicate landscape threatened by division and deterioration.The whimsical music of composer/architect Sanford Bender accompanies each stage of the polar bear’s journey through a varied composition using only two symbolic forms (the heart and the puzzle piece). Simply and subtly, Polar Ardor offers an optimistic message about the importance of collaboration and compassion in the face of an uncertain future.

Release: 2022

Length: 1.33 minutes


ANIMATION BY : Camille Wainer

MUSIC BY: Sanford Bender

PRODUCED BY: Documinute Productions LLC





1/1/22 - Full animation released on Vimeo

1/2/22 - Full animation released on YouTube














Camille Wainer is an international artist, editorial illustrator and independent filmmaker. She attended the University of Texas, Art Students’ League of New York and Pratt Institute, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design. As a visual artist, her client list includes the American Museum of Natural History, Habitat for Humanities, The Washington Post and the New York Press. Ms Wainer is the founder and president of independent film production company Documinute Productions. She made her directorial debut in 2010 with the silent documentary Thou Art: Williamsburg featuring artists in the post 9/11 community of NYC and completed the second part of the trilogy Thou Art: Dublin in 2017 showcasing artists in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. This collaboration of Polar Ardor with Sanford Bender is her second animation project after Madagascar's Scars to attempt to raise awareness about endangered animals. ______________________________________________________




Sanford Bender is a musician who composes for guitar, banjo, glockenspiel, clarinet and other instruments with classical, jazz, and folk balladry influences. His album entitled Terrain and other compositions can be heard on his blog ( and YouTube. Sanford is also a registered architect, certified floodplain manager, graphic artist and writer focusing on infrastructure and wildlife resiliency within riparian and marine environments that are susceptible to extreme meteorological and geological events. Sanford earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Department of Architecture at the Evening and University College of Drexel University, a Master of Arts (Painting and Music) from the School of Education, Health, Nursing and Arts Professions at New York University, and attended the Art Students League of New York for drawing and printmaking. Collaboration with professional filmmaker Camille Wainer has revived an earlier interest in animated filmmaking that integrates art, music, poetry, and storytelling.


              ©2014 Camille Wainer ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Images are for viewing purposes only.